Where we can help

There are a number of situations in which the private health care services provided by Venice Medical Assistance are useful:

  • when, due to a lack of transport or some difficulty in moving the patient, it is a problem to reach a hospital or other clinic to see a doctor or for treatment;
  • when the sudden need to see a doctor occurs when the accident and emergency department or a specialist’s clinic is closed;
  • when you need a medical check up or nursing assistance on specific set dates;
  • when you need a local doctor while you are on holiday or here on a business trip;
  • when your health insurance policy allows you to go for private health assistance services, which will be refunded later.
Medico viene a casa

Who our partners are

Venice Medical Assistance is very willing to support:

  • insurance companies that offer health cover;
  • private health assurance companies or cooperatives that need our support;
  • schools, local authorities, firms which want to hold courses on subjects connected to first aid, health and wellbeing in general.

Our mission

We are always committed to providing health care services tailored to fit each patient’s needs.
Mission: assistenza sanitaria

Any questions?

We are available for any further information you may need.