Guardia Medica Privata

Private Medical Service

When you need to see a doctor or a specialist, but you prefer not to move nor to spend hours in waiting rooms.

Visite per assicurati

Visits for those insured

Our home medical visits can be refunded if this is provided by your health insurance policy.

Physiotherapy assistance

Both for dealing with a sudden acute incident and for following your rehabilitation or training program.

Infermiera a domicilio


A valuable service for anyone who, due to a temporary or permanent condition, needs treatments, injections, etc. at home.

OSS a domicilio

On-call careworkers

A service which meets the needs of less robust people, allowing them to remain in their own homes.

Trasporto sanitario

Medical transport

We take care of the transport of ill or handicapped people in Italy, from or to foreign countries, with specially equipped vehicles and qualified operators.


Assistance at events

In order to be ready to confront emergencies at sport- or music events, fairs, shows, but also at banquets and ceremonies.

Corso di primo soccorso

First aid courses for companies

Training courses for those in companies who are in charge of first aid with both general basic and sector specific training.

Gestione appalti

Contract management

We take care of the personnel recruitment and management for both public and private health organisations.

Valuable health services that make your life easier.

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Please note

The services offered by Venice Medical Assistance are private professional services, are subject to a fee and do not replace the National Health Service.
In case of emergency, such as severe breathing difficulty, intense chest pain, paralysis, state of confusion, etc., please call 118 or go to the nearest hospital A&E emergency centre.